Eileen the Humanist

Award-winning actress, activist, and a strong animal and children charity supporter. Eileen tries to raise awareness to end the violence against animal and children. Eileen is a above all [...]

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Eileen the Producer

Eileen Daly is a girl of many talents, owner of her production company Eileen Daly Productions where she writes, directs and produces ghost hunting shows,along with many feature films [...]

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Eileen the Columnist

Eileen has been a columnist for various magazines including ‘The Dark Side’, also donning the covers of various issues over the decades.

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Eileen the Musician

Eileen also fronts her band Eileen and Ben, a Gypsy-Glam Pop band. When appearing on The X Factor in 2014. Louis Walsh described Eileen as “a natural born diva!” [...]

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Eileen the Actress

Once seen never forgotten, Eileen has been acting on stage and screen for over 3o years and has played more vampires than any other actor. She is also known as [...]

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