Eileen Daly Productions

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About Us

Eileen Daly Productions create a variety of original content for different markets; TV, movies, music videos, promos and corporate films to name a few.

Founded in 2012 by Eileen & Lindsey. The pair came up with the idea of a production company when thinking of ways to utilize their passion for creating & entertaining. It was a dream that soon became reality when filming started. They had their own ideas of how to deliver a gripping story with a quirky flare.

Through hard work, easy and fun personalities, the duo have always had one focus, TO ENTERTAIN YOU.

“It’s been fabulously enjoyable to create what we have so far and we hope EDP will continue to grow with the same high standard around the world.”

Our Approach

EDP’s unique off the wall style focuses on a heightened reality with it’s uplifting drama-documentary’s and magazine shows. The core to all the shows is humor and an in-formal style. No rules or restrictions, this is a new generation of film-making. Cutting-edge narrative and a new way of story telling.

Eileen Daly Productions doesn’t follow trends, it sets them!

The Team

Headshot of Eileen Daly

Eileen Daly


With over 30 years in TV and film, Eileen has a wealth of experience in the business. She co-owns Salvation Film, a film distribution company, with which she has helped produce and make films for worldwide distribution. Eileen presented and produced her own TV Series ‘The Peek a Boo Show’ with Carnaby Films. She is a well-known contemporary scream queen, starring in numerous cult horror films. She also front a band ‘Eileen and Ben’, who’s music features in the productions.

Eileen’s roles at Eileen Daly Productions include presenting, producing and directing.

Lindsey S


Lindsey started working with Eileen as her web designer in 2011. With a background in filming and editing.

Lindsey’s roles at Eileen Daly Productions include camera, producing and editing.

Jean Branch


One of the world most innovated producers who can spot potential talent from young up and coming production houses, having worked along side Lindsey and Eileen, she saw there was a lot more to their shows. Having been around the block and seen a lot of work that is out there, she really believes in what they are doing is original and genuinely good TV. So no time was wasted for her to put her good name to the team.

Ben Thirkettle


Ben is responsible for all the music on the shows and films. He has been in the music industry for most of his life.