Hot Love

You see them by the boulevard On a lazy summer night They're headed for their secret Place Away from side street lights Young Boy, young night, he sets [...]

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I never notice until now What love was all about Its of two people and feelings Sorting problems out Its their trust for one another And saying they [...]



Save my soul As my lovers gone Walk out the door For I have done him wrong I Fell in lust with another man And broke his heart [...]



We've come so far I heard then say Like crashing on the bay We move through Time Will never part For you my surly stole my heart For [...]



Untold pure goes free For that is her destiny Too Love to hold to treasure She’s never far away untold passion should never stay. Untold evil goes [...]


Nicotine Queen

Nicotine Queen I’m a 60 a day girl I’m going to hell No time to eat No time to sleep To spark up I live for Joints [...]

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Nature As I stand with tears of joy Flood over me I see the light with serenity The Swan that glides upon a lake A bird that [...]



Perhaps I often think about you Its time that I confess You’re on my mind a lot Every day, I guess Sometimes I almost miss you When [...]



Riding I’m riding on the Devil back Like a limpet sucking on its pray I am going to swoop down on your village I’m going to make [...]


Webcam Girl

Webcam Girl I know you're not alone Sending pictures down the phone But I’m the one you call when you want a little more That extra special [...]

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