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Daly Does Ghosts (2013)

Gipsyphilia's first TV ghost pilot, a black comedy ghost hunting show. The team look for spirits in the Fox & Hounds pub, London. What will they find [...]

Daly Does Ghosts (2013)2020-04-07T10:30:55+00:00

Daily Does The Dead – ‘Exorcism’ (2014)

A black comedy ghost hunting show, funny, light hearted and easy to watch, with comic horror. The team have traveled to stay the night in a haunted hotel [...]

Daily Does The Dead – ‘Exorcism’ (2014)2020-04-10T20:44:01+00:00

Mr Crispin (2014)

Deep down in the underbelly of suburbia, there lays a secret that only one man knows about and soon the ghost team will unearth the terrible secret. [...]

Mr Crispin (2014)2020-04-07T10:22:58+00:00

Lorraine – ITV ( 2014)

Following their performance of ITV's The X Factor, Eileen and Ben were interviewed on The Lorraine show.

Lorraine – ITV ( 2014)2020-04-07T10:09:52+00:00

Hollywood Betrayed (2015)

Deep down in Normsville suburbia, England, lays a horrible secrets. Only one man alone knows what is going on in the hotel of horrors and has invited [...]

Hollywood Betrayed (2015)2020-04-07T10:06:38+00:00

She’s A Witch

Delila is a young girl, ‘He’ is the Master of the village who is used to getting what he wants and his desires are on Delila. When he [...]

She’s A Witch2020-04-06T14:01:30+00:00


There’s a little cupboard under the stairsWe call it the junk room where nobody caresIn pretty pink flowers from a long time agoInside the door painted chipped indigoAt [...]


Garden of Love

I went to the garden one sunny day To escape from the hustle of life down below Perhaps it was fate, or what could I say for I [...]

Garden of Love2020-04-06T12:57:19+00:00

Brute of Cute

Life is sweet and you’re so cute I’d like to wear you like a suit Throw you down the garbage chute Walk you round boot Chained and trained [...]

Brute of Cute2020-04-06T12:55:56+00:00
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